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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Topic Outline

I. Abstract
A. High popularity
B. Korean wave
C. To introspect ourselves
II. Introduction
A. The rise of Korean TV dramas
B. The project for research writing 2006
C. The impact that Korean soaps bring on Taiwanese women
1. Pros and cons
2. A lesson from the rising of Korean culture
3. Women’s changing lifestyles
D. Everyday life
1. Getting involved in Korean culture
2. Spreading Taiwanese culture abroad
III. Review of literature
IV. Methodology
A.Taiwanese women
1. Aged from 18 to 24
2. Aged from 25 to 40
1. Time→two weeks
2. Frequency of watching Korean soaps
3. Acceptance of Korean culture
4. Korean wave
5. Things to learn
C.Data Analysis
V. Findings and discussion
A. A habit of watching Korean soaps
B. Imitation of Korean culture
C. Traveling to South Korea
D. In favor of living goods
E. The trend of learning Korean language
VI. Conclusion
A. Learning a foreign culture, not overly adoring it
B. Getting the gist of a foreign culture
C. Maintaining our own culture
D. Spreading Taiwanese culture abroad
VII. References


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